Professional organizations:
-Remedy Room
    -Board Member 2021-2022

-Mn Homeopathic Association
  -Board Member 2013-2016

  -Member 2012-present

-Christian Homeopathic Society
​     -founder

Hajek Homeopathic Care LLC


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There is Hope in Homeopathy

Anne Hajek, CCH, BFRP, has completed 4 years of intensive education and clinical training at Northwestern Academy of Homeopathy in Edina, one of the most prominent homeopathic schools in the United States. She has received training from some of today's most renowned homeopaths, and is constantly advancing in knowledge by continued study via books, lectures, conferences, and additional training courses.

​Anne is a Certified Classical Homeopath (CCH) and a Bach Flower Registered Practitioner (BFRP).  She has a passion for using homeopathy and natural elements to help others.   These two traits go hand in hand as she works with her clients to achieve their health goals.  

Currently Anne is accepting new clients.  Appointments are done over the phone or via zoom.  Please allow 2 hours for the initial intake appointment.

Regardless of what you are struggling with, there is hope in homeopathy. ​

Anne Hajek, CCH, BFRP

Certified Classical Homeopath

Bach Flower Registered Practitioner

​Lifewave Consultant

Contact: 952-222-7679

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