Anne Hajek, CCH, BFRP

Certified Classical Homeopath

Bach Flower Registered Practitioner

​Lifewave Consultant

Contact: 952-222-7679

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There is Hope in Homeopathy

​​Acute Care
Acute care and after hour acute care ($35-$65+) 

Prescribed remedies are prepared at a local homeopathic pharmacy and mailed to your home. ($15-$35 + shipping) 

​Intake Appointment (2 hrs)

An initial homeopathic consultation looks a bit like an in-depth conversation. Current symptoms are discussed, as well as previous health concerns, personal history, and health history. After our meeting, considerable time and care is taken to select your constitutional remedy.  Please allow 2 hours for the initial intake. ($295)

​​Cancellation Policy
For scheduling changes please give a courteous 24 business hours notice. There is no charge if an appointment is cancelled with 24 business hours notice, however, the full rate will be charged if an appointment is cancelled with less than 24 business hours notice.   

​Follow Up Appointment (40-60 min)
The benefits of constitutional homeopathic care grow with commitment and regularity. Follow up sessions are generally held every four to six weeks after the initial consultation, depending on individual needs, and become less frequent as health improves. ($89)