How do I set up an appointment?
You can set up an appointment by calling (952) 222-7679 or filing out the form on the Contact page.

Do I need to bring anything with me to my first appointment?

Yes!  Please print the documents on the Forms  page, fill them out, and email them to your practitioner.

How long is the first appointment?
The initial intake is 2 hours.  After your appointment, your Homeopathic Practitioner will study your case and select a remedy for you.  This will take 2-10 days.  At that time you will be mailed a remedy with instructions on how to take it.  You will also be billed for the remedy at this time.  Cost depends on potency and type of remedy. 

When will I need to come back?

Before leaving the office after your fist appointment, we will schedule a follow-up appointment 4 weeks from your initial appointment.  This is to determine if the remedy and/or the potency needs to be adjusted for your optimum benefit.

Will homeopathic remedies interfere with the medications prescribed by my doctor?
No, not at all.  Your homeopathic practitioner will talk to you about the management of homeopathic remedies in conjunction with conventional medicines at your appointment.

Where do I get homeopathic remedies?

Your practitioner carries homeopathic remedies.  They can also be purchased online.

How long do I need to see the homeopathic practitioner?
We recommend  a commitment of 6 months to a year for your main complaints.  Symptoms did not appear overnight, and do not disappear overnight.  Healing is a process, and is unique to each individual.  The length of time also depends on what the client’s goals are in terms of health. Until that goal is achieved, follow ups are scheduled every 4-8 weeks. Once the goal is achieved, clients can call the homeopathic practitioner only when needed. It would be similar to calling your doctor for an appointment to review, evaluate, and decide on a course of treatment when symptoms reappear.

Does insurance cover the cost of homeopathic appointments?
Medical plans do not, however, see below if you have a Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Savings Account (FSA).  

Can I use my health benefits card (HSA or FSA) for my homeopathic appointments?

Yes!  Health Savings Accounts and Flex spending benefits cards work to pay for appointments.  Invoices can also be turned in to your HSA or FSA account if you do not have a health benefits debit card associated with your account.  

How long will it be before I see improvement in my symptoms?
That is the key question. We see a wide timeline range for seeing improvement.  Most clients are close to their goal of holistic health and integrative healing with homeopathy within 1-24 months.

I live far away from your office.  Can I still make an appointment?
Yes!  Appointments are held via phone or Zoom. 

Are homeopathic remedies FDA approved?
Homeopathic remedies are regulated by the FDA. They also have to meet the standards of the United States Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia.