X39, stem cell stimulating patch

There is Hope in Homeopathy

prevention & wellness

Improve your health by strengthening your constitution.  Remedies give your body the nudge it needs to heal itself.    Consultations are done via phone or zoom.  Call or use the contact form for more information or to schedule your appointment.

A Non-transdermal patch that stimulates *your own* stem cells to start producing.  No stimulants, no chemicals. Your body heals itself.

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Anne Hajek, CCH, BFRP

Certified Classical Homeopath

Bach Flower Registered Practitioner

​Lifewave Consultant

Contact: 952-222-7679

Feb 22, Noon CST: 

Open Office hour

Feb 26, 6pm CST:

Fasting for health, diabetes, and/or weight loss

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