Kit A, 102 piece Kit

 (Kit B + Kit C save $20)


C V pre + ​sm px

Kits!  Available here.  Order by clicking on blue boxes.

All orders received prior to Feb 3 have shipped except the 1M kits & the Pregnancy kits. 

Kit D & the 1M portion of Kit E (ordered before Feb 2) will ship by Feb 14! 

Pregnancy kit will ship by Feb 28. **New Kit A-E orders (ordered after​ Feb 2) will go out by Feb 28.


Kit D, 50 piece Kit

​1M kit


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Kit E, 152 piece Kit

(Kit B + Kit C + Kit D save $33)

​Plus BONUS Arnica 10M!!


Pregnancy Kit, 40 piece

Kit B, 50 piece Kit

30C kit


Hawthorn Gemmo for BP

Kit Contents

Kit C, 52 piece Kit

200C kit